NEC Training Courses

Jon has a unique understanding about NEC starting in 1993 when he began researching its practical  application under one of its two co-instigators. This led to him gaining the world's first PhD on it in 1998 and the publication of his first book User's Guide on the second edition. Since then he has 25+ years experience as an NEC trainer and consultant.

As a consultant, he can and has :

  • advised on the structure of, written, reviewed and improved documentation from contracts worth £50k under the Short Contract to £500m under the Term Services Contract to £3.5bn annual spend for the MoD;
  • worked with NEC project teams to modify their structure and how they communicate to work more efficiently and effectively together;
  • helped numerous contractors understand and assess risk at bid stage and 
  • frequently advised on contractual differences with the intention that they do not become costly disputes including acting as an expert witness on a £270m difference of opinion. 

As a trainer, what sets him apart from other trainers is the depth of his knowledge and training style. Words commonly put of feedback forms are :

  • engaging & enthusiastic,
  • "really knows his stuff"
  • practical & pragmatic, and
  • flexible & conversational as he asks for and directly answers participants' specific questions.

Why Jon?

Jon offers tailored NEC training courses that can help deliver better projects and programmes.

For a free discussion on how NEC training or consultancy can help deliver better projects and programmes for you, contact Jon on

Tel: +44(0)7970 428 929

NEC Courses

All courses can be tailored to your specific needs:

This includes courses being run as NEC3 courses, NEC3 courses with 4th edition changes highlighted or NEC4 only courses

Practical Introduction to the NEC Engineering & Construction Contract

“A useful insight into the practicalities of operating a contract under NEC. Real world examples and tailored questions / feedback meant the course was even more useful.”

1 or 2 days
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NEC3 to NEC4 Conversion Course

“Jon Broome makes the NEC informative, simple to understand and fun!”

1 day
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Pre-contract preparation for an NEC contract

“Loved being able to work on my real project. While we will now refine it, the 20% of the thinking which makes 80% of the difference has now been done. ”

1 day
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Estimating under the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract

“A pragmatic, practical course well delivered and tailored to accommodate any queries arising. Very worthwhile and professionally delivered.”

1 day
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NEC ECC Contract Start Up workshop for a better project

“Everyone left with a thorough understanding of how to work with the contract. … it really set the project team in the right direction and the project is looking like it will be a great success”

1 day
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Notification, submission, assessment & implementation of compensation events

“This is one of the best courses I have been on.  Jon is so knowledgeable and a good speaker.”

1 day
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Understanding Defined & Disallowed Cost and the Schedule of Cost Components under ECC options C,D & E

“As a result of this workshop, we will save hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum in money we should not be paying to our contractors in the first place.”

1 day
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Programming under the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract

“can highly recommend it for those of you who are working on NEC contracts ... I have been on many courses but can honestly say this was one of the best !”

1 day
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NEC : the Doctor’s Surgery

“Excellent presenter with experience and knowledge to answer any questions whilst giving general overview as well. Good clear use of examples - thank you.”

1 day
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Short NEC Introductory Overviews

“A fact packed briefing provided by the enthusiastic and practical Dr Jon Broome ... by jove, what a useful refresher and frankly deep learning experience for me ...”

1 to 2 hours
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Practical Introduction to the NEC Term Service ContractS (TSC & TSSC)

“A well thought out course, with a very knowledgeable tutor, who made the subject very welcoming and easy to digest.”

1 day
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Practical Introduction to the NEC Professional Service ContractS (PSC and PSSC)

“Short, concise course which is very useful and will change the contract management of a current project”

1 day
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Practical Introduction to the NEC Engineering & Construction Short Contract

“"Excellent presenter with experience and knowledge to answer any questions whilst giving general overview as well. Good clear use of examples - thank you”

1 day
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writing the book on NEC4

Jon's 'NEC4: A User's Guide' is a significant updating of his NEC3 book taking account of both the changes to the 4th edition and an extra 10+ years of consultancy experience including

  • developing Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) arrrangements,
  • helping develop contract documents, both amendments to the conditions and working with teams to develop the Scope documents and
  • several assignments where he was more involved in the week-to-week operation of contracts he had helped set up.  

The practical book, written in an engaging style, introduces the NEC4 family of contracts, and how they fit together. It gives many practical examples to illustrate good (and bad) practice so that, whether you are on the contractor or client side, you gain  with a better understanding of how to prepare, tender, administer or contribute to an NEC4 contract for successful project outcomes.

On publication, one reviewer stated "Back in 2012, I thought that Jon Broome's NEC3 Guide was the best NEC book I had seen; now this new NEC4 edition is certainly the best".

In the year after its publication, 2022, it was the top selling book from the whole of ICE Publishing's library.