Programming under the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract


The programme has been described as the beating heart of the NEC. Understanding the clauses and what you have to do, whether representing the Client or the Contractor, both protects your contractual position and, if managed collaboratively, significantly increases the likelihood of contract success.

This intensive one day course is therefore aimed at those who need a detailed understanding of how to operate the programming requirements under NEC.


At the end of the course, participants should :

  • understand why and how, under Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), the programme becomes the key management and commercial tool to demonstrate both the detailed plan for executing the works and the effect/entitlement due to change,
  • know how to build a programme up from first principles,
  • understand the detail of section ‘3. Time’ in terms of what should be in a programme, the acceptance process, revising the programme and any potential acceleration.
  • appreciate how the early warning and compensation event processes contractually and practically is integrated into the programme to give full understanding and visibility to both Parties.

As a result, a fully up to date useful Accepted Programme should become the reality on any Engineering and Construction Contract project.

Outline Programme

  1. Start-Up : Objectives, Agenda, Introductions
  2. Quick review of NEC objectives and how it achieves them.
  3. Major planning considerations.
  4. Building up a programme from first principles
  5. Programme requirements within the ECC contract.
  6. Links, types of float + critical path.
  7. Time risk allowance
  8. Issues associated with planning under ECC.
  9. Early warnings & Key Dates.
  10. Compensation events and effect on Completion Date
  11. Programme submissions + reporting.

As with all courses, this can be on NEC3 only, NEC3 with changes to 4th edition highlighted or purely on NEC4.

What a previous participant said about this day

“I … can highly recommend it (this course) for those of you who are working on NEC contracts. The style of presentation was very relaxed ... ... answering our questions clearly and precisely ... ...very informative. ... . I have been on many courses but I can honestly say this was one of the best."

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