Meet Jon

Setting projects up for success

A trained civil engineer, Dr Jon Broome gained the world's first PhD in the applied use of NEC before doing post-doc research into contract strategies for complex projects. As a consultant, he has over 20 years of practical experience that clients can tap into. Typically working in the construction & heavy engineering industries, Jon provides a unique and experienced third party view at the front end of projects.

He uses real-world examples - combined with his contractual knowledge and skills in applied psychology - to advise on contracts and procurement, to train and consult on the NEC contract forms, and facilitate team based workshops for successful projects. As a neutral outsider, he can offer support in times of dispute.

Bespoke to your needs

Since no one project is the same, Jon adopts a flexible approach, adapting his services to suit the needs of the assignment.  While Jon's skillset includes deep  expertise in contract strategy and the use of NEC contracts - he has books published on both topics - he can adapt the approach taken because of his wider skillset in training, project management, contract law, project-based facilitation techniques and applied psychology. 

Adding value to projects  

Jon works with others to proactively identifying potential issues, then comes up with novel ways of solving them. He has no interest in doing work which does not add value to his clients.  If you have a project that you would like to involve me with, please email me.

“Jon Broome was possibly the first person with a PhD on the NEC. Since then he has years of experience of training and consulting with the contract and as a facilitator.”

Richard Patterson
Procurement Specialist, Mott MacDonald

Efficient project management is a corner stone to effective NEC contract management - it is therefore little wonder that Jon became involved with the Association for Project Management. The Association's mission is to "Inspire communities to deliver meaningful change for societal benefit by advancing the art, science, theory and practice of project management". 

Given Jon’s reputation as a writer and speaker and his practical knowledge, combined with years of experience, in 2007 he agreed to take up the position of chair for one of the Association's Special Interest Groups. For the past ten years he has chaired the Association’s 'Contracts and Procurement SIG'.

Chairing this forum allows Jon to be part of lively and constructive debates around best practice for contracts and procurement in a project, programme and portfolio environment.  Jon has been instrumental in elevating the group's reputation and gaining recognition as a forum at the leading edge of excellence in contracts & procurement for projects and programmes.