NEC3 to NEC4 Conversion Course

This course focuses on the changes made from the 3rd third edition of the NEC3 family of contracts to the 4th edition. 

Objectives :

For participants

  • to be aware of the changes made to the family of documents in an impartial way i.e. highlighting the good and the bad;
  • to identify a few other changes (back) that participants might like to make;
  • to know what changes they need to make to their systems and actions in order to comply with and get the best from the 4th edition.

As a result, participants should have reasonable knowledge and experience of using the NEC3 family of contracts in order to understand the differences.

Programme :

Session 1 :     NEC overview in 30 minutes, highlighting key NEC4 changes and new terminology across the family. Areas that participants want to focus on.

Session 2 :     The new & re-named contracts : overview of the Design, Build, Operate Contract; and the Alliance Contract. A missing contract ?

Session 3 :     New / changes to the secondary options : changes to the Dispute clauses inc. W3; Undertakings; Information Modelling; Termination by the Client; Contractor design clauses (and a lost opportunity); whole life costs (what about benefits ?); and ECI.

Session 4 :     General changes : Provisions for IT contract administration system. Details for non-acceptance; Quality Management provisions; New ‘boiler plate’ clauses; changes to section 8.

Session 5 :     Changes to payment clauses : requirement to submit payment application; progressive review of Defined Costs under options C, D & E; final account certification. Changes to the SCC and use across the family.

Session 6 :     Changes to the clauses to do with managing change : early warnings (but not issues or opportunities) and the ‘new’ Early Warning Register; a few changes to the programme clauses inc. ‘deemed acceptance’; compensation events : 2 new ones, dividing dates, an inexplicable change to how time is assessed, and shortened process in the ‘Short’ contracts.

Session 7 : Participant review and actions.


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