Practical Introduction to the NEC Term Service ContractS (TSC & TSSC)


At the end of the course, participants should appreciate :

  • why the NEC was written
  • its principal objectives
  • how it is designed as a management tool
  • the important clauses for operating the contract : definitions, procedures, timescales etc. and
  • differences between, including when to use, the full Term Service Contract (TSC) and the Term Service Short Contract (TSSC) and
  • key implementation points & benefits.

As with all courses, this can be on NEC3 only, NEC3 with changes to 4th edition highlighted or purely on NEC4.


  • Session 1 : Overview of the NEC family in 30 minutes
  • Session 2 : Flexibility & Contract Strategy : TSC or TSSC ? Main options, secondary options including use of option X19 Task Order.
  • Session 3 : Key Players, contractual structure and communications
  • Session 4 : Sections 1, 2, 4 & 5 : General, The Contractor’s main responsibilities, Quality Management, and Payment
  • Session 5 : Change Management : planning / programming requirements, early warnings & compensation events : definitions, process, timescales and assessment.
  • Session 6 : Use of Equipment, Plant and Materials, Liabilities & insurance, Termination & the Dispute options
  • Session 7 : A quick run through the Contract Data
  • Session 8 : Key Implementation Points & Benefits.

This programme includes three syndicate work sessions.


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