NEC ECC Contract Start Up workshop for a better project


As one of its 3 principal objectives, NEC aims to stimulate good project management of contracts, thus increasing the likelihood of meeting it’s time, cost and quality objectives. But

(a) what do you actually have to do to achieve this ? and
(b) what about bettering these objectives ?

This course, with a focus on implementation, provides the answers and is best delivered at start up of a contract to a joint team.


  • To give a balanced overview of the NEC family of contracts and how to use it to deliver to time, cost and quality (or better).
  • To come away with tangible actions and things you can do to improve your organisations performance on NEC projects


This intense day covers :

  • Overview of the NEC family of contracts, with a focus on the Engineering & Construction Contract.
  • Open book accounting under cost based contract &/or use of activity schedules under A.
  • Communications generally
  • The Accepted Programme.
  • Early warnings.
  • Compensation events : definitions, time scales & assessment.

For each of these topics, we will cover

  • Briefly, what the contract clauses say.
  • What ‘best practice’ appears to be.
  • Discuss how you can implement this on your contracts.

As with all courses, this can be on NEC3 only, NEC3 with changes to 4th edition highlighted or purely on NEC4.

What previous participants say about this day

“The quality of the training was second to none and everyone left with a thorough understanding of how to work with the contract. … it really set the project team in the right direction and the project is looking like it will be a great success.”

“Training was very well received. You pitched it at just the right level and made it very relevant to our scheme. All said that they both enjoyed it and learnt something from it which they could apply to their role and therefore contribute to the successful delivery of the scheme. It reinforced the importance to both parties of us working openly and collaboratively together.”

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