Contracts & Procurement

Why does procurement and the contract matter ?

Procurement in a project and programme environment involves breaking the project down into work packages, deciding how to select a provider for each work package and choosing a sensible allocation of risk and reward which will be reflected in the contract. Decisions made here can have long term ramifications on your project's success.

You then need to implement these decisions by writing a clear selection process and precise contract. Good procurement leads to good contracts which, if properly managed, lead to successful delivery. 

Why Jon ?

Jon's particular expertise is in the development of the contract strategy - the sensible allocation of risk and reward - on major and complex projects or programmes of work.

His experience goes back to 1998 when he started his post-doctorate research into collaborative procurement routes which resulted in the publication of his second book in 2002 - 'Procurement Routes for Partnering: A Practical Guide' - which is still often referenced today as the 'go-to' book on contract strategy for projects. For 12 years, he was chair of the Association for Project Management’s (APM) Contract & Procurement SIG, (now 'Interest Network') staying abreast of  best practice across sectors and writing the early chapters and co-editing 'The APM's Guide to Contracts and Procurement'. He also spent 5 years on the editorial panel of the Journal of 'Management, Procurement & Law' published by the Institution of Civil Engineers. More recently, due to his consultancy experiences, Jon was asked to contribute to a new book on Early Contractor Involvement.

As a practitioner, he has a unique breadth and depth of knowledge combined with experience that benefits clients, having helped develop contract strategies for projects and programmes ranging in value from £10m to £16.5bn and for clients who spend £3.5bn annually. As he works for clients, contractors and consultants, he offers a balanced perspective advising clients how they can establish a commercial and contractual framework to set their projects up for success. He is not just a ‘detailed’ contractual person, but views the ‘bigger picture’ understanding the organisational and cultural drivers of the client and their programme and projects, examining the contract strategy and the management of the entire project over its life time.

Whether an NEC contract is chosen or not, Jon can then draft and/or review and improve contract conditions and detailed requirements to ensure the chosen contract strategy is properly implemented.

Please go to the relevant resources page for articles and videos related to contract strategy. 

Contact Jon, either by email on or on +44(0)7970 428 929 for free discussion on how he can help your organisation develop 'fit for purpose' contractual arrangements to help deliver better projects & programmes.

What is contract strategy?

Jon reveals how the misalignment of objectives can create unsuccessful projects.

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Case Studies

Alliance for NZ's largest coal mine

Solid Energy wanted to 'transform' the operation of New Zealand's largest open cast coal mine by working with another mining company. Jon helped refine the selection process & develop the...

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What our clients say:

“Jon added significant value in our process and I would strongly recommend him to any other client looking to develop a major project.”

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Selecting the Integrator for MARS!

To develop and run an innovative value adding procurement competition on the MoD's £2.5 bn MARS project, whilst developing the collaborative culture and capabilities of the internal team.

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What our clients say:

“The speed & quality of Jon & the Advance's team’s work, in coming up with & implementing a highly innovative & effective selection process, was exceptional.”

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APM Guide to Contracts and Procurement

The Association for Project Management’s (APM’s) ‘Guide to Contracts and Procurement for project, programme and portfolio managers’ was published in June 2017 with a launch event held a month later (see picture at the top of this webpage).

Jon authored the early drafts of the first half of the guide and co-edited it with John Lake. As can be expected with anything Jon is involved in, it is very much a 'how-to' practitioner focussed guide providing a road map for the procurement and management of contracts for projects and programmes as opposed to the more academic reference type books.

Jason Curtis, a delegate at the launch conference, gave this feedback on it saying "it's a very user friendly and easily digestible guide with plenty of 'how' in it. I will certainly be making practical use of it on my next project. I'd even be so bold as to suggest every project manager who is procuring goods / services / 'other' as part of their scope should read this guide first...."

Sales, according to the APM, have been ahead of expectations and you can buy a copy from here.”