An NEC interview with the Chairman of the APM C&P SIG

TAGS: Contract Strategy/Flexibility, NEC, NEC3

Jon is interviewed here in his role as chair of the APM’s Contracts & procurement SIG, before focussing on the NEC3 Professional Services Short Contract which Jon led the development of

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Managing Compensation events properly!

TAGS: Compensation Events, NEC, NEC3, NEC4, Risk Management

In this video, Jon explains how to assess compensation events quickly, amicably and accurately with less ‘hassle’. Wouldn’t that be good ?

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Beyond Collaboration with Connect Plus

TAGS: Contract Strategy/Flexibility, NEC, NEC3

Chris Richardson of Connect Plus, the organisation that maintains the M25, explains the issues that they have, before Jon outlines the innovative approach they are taking to their future frameworks.

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NEC – Six levels of use of the programme

TAGS: Accepted Programme, Contract Strategy/Flexibility, NEC, NEC3, NEC4

In this video, Jon gives a quick overview of the NEC3 family of contracts before explaining the six levels of use of the Accepted Programmes which he has observed in high performing NEC3 contracts.

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NEC3: Introduction to the PSSC


Published as part of April 2013's edition of the NEC3 Contract, the Professional Services Short Contract (PSSC) offers an alternative to the Professional Services Contract for low value and less complicated commissions. The PSSC, jointly badged with the APM, is the latest addition to the NEC3 family of contracts. Find out the reasons for a PSSC and how to use it as part of a contracting process.

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