NEC : the Doctor’s Surgery

Session 1 : Introductory Session

Timing : 09.00 – 10.45

Objectives :

  • To give a balanced overview of the NEC family of contracts and how it helps deliver to time, cost and quality (or better).
  • To get all attendees up to a basic level of understanding.

Agenda : The talk will cover :

  • The development of the NEC3 family to date.
  • Other aspects of Flexibility
  • Clarity & Simplicity
  • Stimulus to Good Project Management
  • Question & Answers / Discussion

The items in bold are the original three main objectives of the NEC by comparison with traditional conditions of contract.

The talk will also include, at the end of each of these sections, a brief review of what the critics say about the NEC.

Audience : Anybody who wants to have a basic awareness of what NEC is and what it can do for them

Session 2 : Inter-active Question & Train session.

Context : This session builds on Session 1 now that participants have a broad awareness of the NEC and what it aims to do. It is intended to be highly interactive.

Objective : For participants to choose which aspects of the NEC family they want to learn more about – both in contractual interpretation and how to tender and deliver work under it - in order to gain most from the day. The number of aspects chosen will affect the time spent on each.

Timing : 11.15 to 17.00 latest depending on audience questions with lunch and afternoon break.

Agenda : The session starts with participants working in groups to gnerate questions which are categorised and answered as follows :

  • When to use different members of the family.
  • Contracting strategy at main payment option level : what are they and when to use them.
  • Use of secondary options.
  • Assembling a contract under the NEC, including :
    • filling in the Contract Data
    • preparing the technical documents.
    • evaluating contractorss returns.
  • Role of the Project Manager and Supervisor (compared to the traditional Engineer to Contract or Employers Representative)
  • Key definitions and the administration clauses : General, The Contractor’s main responsibilities, Quality Management, and Payment.
  • The change management clauses: the Accepted Programme, early warnings & risk reduction meeting, the Early Warning Register, compensation events (definitions, process, timescales, criteria for evaluation).
  • Clauses you don’t want to use : Title, Liabilities and insurance, Termination and Disputes.
  • Getting the most out of the NEC : best practice operation of the project management clauses.

What previous participants said about this course

“Very good event - great value for money and speaker was top draw!"

"Excellent presenter with experience and knowledge to answer any questions whilst giving general overview as well. Good clear use of examples - thank you"

"Excellent workshop - enjoyed the question and answer session, this ensured `everyone got the most out of the event"

"Good opportunity to learn more about the contracts. Seeking and answering delegates questions was an excellent idea"

"Use of post it notes for queries was a good idea as usually people clam up at question time"

"Very enjoyable - liked the question session. Good mix of clients, consultants and contractors"

"Very good introduction section which gave overview of best practice management concepts to contract. Speaker knew his stuff and was engaging."

“Good event, good location price and topic. Excellent presenter - well done … !"

"As usual, Jon Broome makes the NEC informative, simple to understand and fun!”

“Assisted in increasing my knowledge and understanding of various issues that I had been involved with but will be able to deal with them more efficiently and smarter."

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