Practical Introduction to the NEC Engineering & Construction Contract

This course can be run as a one or two day course.

As a two day course, as well as covering more, it allows more time for exercises and participants specific issues to be addressed.

As with all courses, this can be on NEC3 only, NEC3 with changes to 4th edition highlighted or purely on NEC4.

Day 1

Objectives :

At the end of the day, participants should appreciate :

  • why the NEC was written
  • its principal objectives
  • how it is designed as a management tool
  • the important clauses
  • key implementation points and
  • advantages and disadvantages of using it

Day 1 Programme :

Session 1 :  Overview in 30 minutes
Session 2 :  Flexibility & Contract Strategy
Session 3 :  Key Players
Session 4 :  Sections 1, 2, 4 & 5
Session 5 : Change Management : Accepted Programme, early warnings and compensation events : definitions, timescales, assessment
Session 6 : Title, Liability & Insurance, Disputes & Termination
Session 7 : Key Implementation Points & Benefits

As a one day course, this programme includes three syndicate work sessions.

The programme above can be delivered on its own or with the second day. Having the second day allows more time to address participants' questions & 'live' issues and do practical examples.

Day 2 Objectives :

In addition to the Day 1 objectives, at the end of the day, participants should :

  • understand the principal differences when preparing a contract
  • know how clients assess the financial aspects of a tender
  • know the key procedures of the contract
  • become familiar and comfortable with using it
  • know its key implementation points

Day 2 Programme :

When run as a two day course, the day 1 programme spreads over into day 2 as there is more discussion and exercises.

In addition, the following are covered :

  • Filling in Contract Data Part 1
  • Understanding Defined Cost & the two Schedule of Cost ComponentS
  • Filling in Contract Data Part 2
  • Client’s financial assessment of the tender
  • Effective communications under the NEC, which can include a demonstration of a cloud–based NEC contract administration system.
  • How to quickly assess & agree compensation events
  • Course Review by participants.

As with all courses, this can be on NEC3 only, NEC3 with changes to 4th edition highlighted or purely on NEC4.

What previous participants say about this 2 day course

“A well thought out course, with a very knowledgeable tutor, who made the subject very welcoming and easy to digest.”

"Excellent course. Very useful for the role I am in."

"Very loose flexible structure to the course that directly attended to the needs of the delegates. Knowledgeable tutor maintained interest in a potentially dull subject (sorry Jon !!).”

“The course content was extremely good and I learnt a lot over the two days. I would definitely recommend this course to people who require an understanding / knowledge of NEC3”

“Dr Jon Broome was excellent and this course was extremely interesting and everything Dr Jon Broome did and presented was directly to respond to the questions, queries and concerns of the people who attended the course.”

“The trainer was very good at answering all the questions throughout the two days. He gave us some really good ‘real life’ situations that helped me put issues into context.”

“Dr Broome was able to illustrate examples and uses of the NEC3 contract using personal experience and real situations. This was extremely useful to attain a fuller understanding of the NEC3 family of contracts.”

“Very hands on & practical for a PM. Related all scenarios to the industry and your own experience. Identified what you wanted out of the course and not what he thought you wanted. Very useful and extremely transferable to day to day projects as a PM.”

"Very useful. Jon did very well to deal with everyone's specific queries. Thanks."

“Jon was clearly very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions. In particular, he could answer from a real-life perspective as opposed to just “well this is what the contract says you would do in an ideal world"

“Trainer was really knowledgeable with a lot of experience and examples. Was well mixed up between learning and completing practical examples. Overall I thought it was a really well thought out course, very beneficial to me.”

"Fantastic !!!"

"Informal, but very engaging and educational"

"Very knowledgeable instructor, great delivery"

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