5 ½ reasons to get rid of the percentage for Working Areas overheads

Jon was recently challenged by a distant project sponsor to justify why he wanted to delete the percentage for Working Area overheads from his NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts option C and E cost based contracts for a new framework. Instead, the winning contractors would simply be reimbursed at cost for the items in the percentage. With a few additional stories to bring it alive, this was my response.

Since then, NEC have announced the fourth edition will be published in June and that the percentage will be done away with.

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Work Winning : ensuring compliance & the 'wow' factor in your bid.

In a previous blog , I was asked “to explore matching features to requirements”. Expanding on this, how do you write not only compliant bids, but compliant bids with a wow factor ?

Here’s a methodology which does just that.

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Work Winning : Win Themes – What are they ? And how do you develop & exploit them ?

‘Win Themes’ are often mentioned by those who write bids as seemingly the holy grail of writing winning bids. However, when asked, the same people are remarkably vague about what they are and how you develop them. This article aims to demystify what they are and how to develop & exploit a Win Theme.

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Work Winning : ‘Feature-Benefit’ statements to be more persuasive.

Including ‘Feature-Benefit’ statements in your bid responses – whether a general bid or in response to specific questions - is one of the easiest ways to score higher marks and win more work … or just to be more persuasive generally. This short blog tells you what a 'Feature-Benefit' statement is and how to write them.

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Work Winning : ‘F-A-B, Captain’ or ‘F-USP-D’ ?

This post looks at two models to make you or your organisation's bid, tenders or proposals more attractive to a Buyer and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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