First print run of NEC3 User's Guide sells out

I've become aware that people are struggling to get hold of the book in time for training events. When I checked this out with the publishers (ICE Publishing), they told me that it was selling far more than other NEC books on the market, that the first print run of 800 odd books had sold out and that they were in the process of getting another 800 odd printed.

This should mean that another print run should be needed sometime in spring 2013 when version 3 and a half of the NEC3 family is published. I will then modify any bits of text to reflect the tweaks that are being made prior to this print run.

I've asked people what they like about the book - and some people have even contacted me to tell me what they like - and the common things seem to be that

  • it is easy to read
  • it is easy to find relevant information as its structure matchs either when you need to know the information or, if you have a problem,  the nature of the problem that you are having. This contrasts with most other books whose structure matchs that of the contract.
  • it offers practical 'how to' implement advice to deliver a successful contract. This contrasts with other books on NEC which tend to focus on the legal aspects of the NEC3 contract which generally come into play when something has gone wrong and people are arguing over contractual liability. One project manager said he referred to it almost every day !

In case anybody wants a copy of the book NOW, either try out other retailers, such as Amazon, or soft copies in pdf are also available from the ICE Bookshop.

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