NEC4 : the good, the bad & the ugly.

The NEC4 family of contract was completely updated in July this year and has since been subject to a fair amount of review.  Jon is doing a two part webinar, via the Association for Project Management, on 14th and 21st November, highlighting the (mainly) good, the bad and ugly changes in the update.

Following a quick introduction to the background and objectives of the family, the first webinar will focus on the changes at the contract strategy level e.g. additions to the family; alterations to main payment options and changes made to the secondary option clauses, including the dispute options. Click here to sign up.

The second will focus on the changes in the Engineering and Construction Contract, many of which are replicated in other members of the contract family, with a focus on the payment, programme, early warning and compensation event clauses. Click here to sign up.

Jon will identify and review the changes made as well as highlighting changes that have not been made.

And each one is free, regardless of whether you are a member or not !


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