5 ½ reasons to get rid of the percentage for Working Areas overheads

Jon was recently challenged by a distant project sponsor to justify why he wanted to delete the percentage for Working Area overheads from his NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts option C and E cost based contracts for a new framework. Instead, the winning contractors would simply be reimbursed at cost for the items in the percentage. With a few additional stories to bring it alive, this was my response.

Since then, NEC have announced the fourth edition will be published in June and that the percentage will be done away with.

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Contracts for Effective Collaboration

Jon is talking at the Joint RICS / APM Project Leadership conference on 28th March 2017 in London.

Jon's presentation is officially titled 'Tools for Achieving Effective Collaboration' but Jon will actually be talking about 'Contracts for Achieving Effective Collaboration'.  Find out more.  

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Ethical Project Management : how to apply governance, manage the risks and gain the benefits.

This article, published in the Spring 2017 edition of 'Project', discusses the considerable risks that can be avoided, and the opportunities that can be seized, by behaving and adopting policies for procuring and managing supply chains ethically.  It was co-written with Philip Reese of Reese Procurement.

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