Guide to Procurement & Management of contracts for projects & programmes launched

The Association for Project Management's (APM) long awaited Guide for the Procurement & Management of contracts for projects and programmes has been launched. Jon wrote the early chapters and co-edited it with John Lake, with contributions from other members of the Contracts & Procurement SIG.

The Guide starts with an overview which outlines how the procurement and management of contracts is different from that of widgets (standard manufactured items); modern developments and why it is and will increasingly become a core skill for a competent project professional.

There are then 7 chapters which describe the seven stages of the procurement and contract management process. Each has its own flowchart, giving users of the Guide a first level Work Breakdown Structure, with further detail and diagrams in the text. The Guide has already been 'road-tested' and found useful in practice. For a copy of the Guide, click here.








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