NEC Training dates in Belfast

Jon is doing five and half days of training on different aspects of the NEC in Belfast in late October and November :  a 2 day introductory course; a half day on NEC4, one day on compensation events; and two days on the professional services contracts. Click to find out more. 

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NEC4 : the good, the bad & the ugly.

The NEC4 family of contract was completely updated in July this year.  Jon is doing a two part webinar, via the Association for Project Management, on 14th and 21st November, highlighting the (mainly) good, the bad and ugly changes in the update.

The first webinar will focus on the changes at the contract strategy level e.g. additions to the family; alterations to main payment options and changes made to the secondary option clauses, including the dispute options.

The second will focus on the changes in the Engineering and Construction Contract, many of which are replicated in other members of the contract family, with a focus on the payment, programme, early warning and compensation event clauses.

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What’s the Procurement & Management of Contracts got to do with me ? I’m a Project Manager.

The Association for Project Managements's long awaited ‘APM Guide to Contracts and Procurement for project, programme and portfolio managers’’ (or ‘the C&P Guide’ for short) was published in July 2017. In this article, Jon and John Lake, who were co-editors and lead contributors to the Guide, explain why project and programme managers need to be competent on these topics.

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NEC3+ Intro in Belfast on 20th September

Jon is doing an introductory day on the NEC3+ Engineering and Construction Contract on Wednesday 20th September in Belfast. The '+' is because he will also have a slide pack on the changes made to the 4th edition in his back pocket, so if anybody asks any questions on it, he should be able to answer. The course is being run through the Construction Employer's Federation and can be found here.

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Launch Conference for the APM's Contracts & Procurement Guide

On 12th July 2017, the launch conference for the 'APM's Guide to Contracts and Procurement for project, programme and portfolio managers' was held in London. Jon was instrumental in its development and chaired and presented at the event. Find out how the day went, what people liked about the guide and how to get hold of one.

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Guide to Procurement & Management of contracts for projects & programmes launched

The Association for Project Management's (APM) long awaited Guide for the Procurement & Management of contracts for projects and programmes has been launched. Jon wrote the early chapters and co-edited itwith John Lake, with contributions from other members of the Contracts & Procurement SIG.

Jon is both relieved that it is out of the way and very pleased with the result. Find out more.


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Creating unexpected value from outcome based procurements

View my latest webinar titled 'Creating unexpected value from outcome based procurements', when a panel of three speakers review practical lessons for project managers, bidders and procurement people.

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Riding from Cologne to Lille for Charity

Jon is once again taking part in a 3 day charity bike ride over the May Bank holiday with Connect Plus, a regular client of his. It's from Cologne to Lille which is over 300 miles on hilly roads over 3 days.  The charity is St. Francis, a hospice for terminally ill people, which looked after a lady called Barbara Gray, who had recently retired from Connect Plus only to develop cancer. The link to give is here. Thanks.

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5 ½ reasons to get rid of the percentage for Working Areas overheads

Jon was recently challenged by a distant project sponsor to justify why he wanted to delete the percentage for Working Area overheads from his NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts option C and E cost based contracts for a new framework. Instead, the winning contractors would simply be reimbursed at cost for the items in the percentage. With a few additional stories to bring it alive, this was my response.

Since then, NEC have announced the fourth edition will be published in June and that the percentage will be done away with.

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Contracts for Effective Collaboration

Jon is talking at the Joint RICS / APM Project Leadership conference on 28th March 2017 in London.

Jon's presentation is officially titled 'Tools for Achieving Effective Collaboration' but Jon will actually be talking about 'Contracts for Achieving Effective Collaboration'.  Find out more.  

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Ethical Project Management : how to apply governance, manage the risks and gain the benefits.

This article, published in the Spring 2017 edition of 'Project', discusses the considerable risks that can be avoided, and the opportunities that can be seized, by behaving and adopting policies for procuring and managing supply chains ethically.  It was co-written with Philip Reese of Reese Procurement.

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How to rapidly build a high performing NEC project team.

This blog is developed from the previous blog 'how to rapidly build a high performing project team from diverse organisations' going down a level of detail in terms of tangible things you can do and actions that are  specific to the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract.

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Should we kill the use of the NEC3 Professional Services Contract ?

In this short article, Jon questions whether NEC3 Professional Services Contract should be as extensively as it is and whether the NEC3 Professional Services Short Contract should be used more.

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Beyond Collaboration

“‪Is it a framework? Is it an alliance? Is a 'packaging' of work? Is it collaborative working? Is it Even Earlier Contractor Involvement (EECI)? Find out what Jon has been developing with Connect Plus, the people who maintain and improve the M25. In this video, Chris Richardson, their commercial director, talks first on the background and drivers for CP, followed by Jon on their future rather groovy contract strategy. 

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What every Project Manager should know about Offer and Acceptance : common pitfalls of the ignorant & how to avoid them.

Co-authored with Rob Horne

Whether entering a multi-million pound contract to deliver a substantial 
project or buying some off the shelf components, a person involved in projects is increasingly having to be involved in negotiating and entering into contracts. This blog - originally published in a slightly shorter version in 'Project' (1) - identifies the common legal pitfalls and how to avoid them, so that you enter a contract with your ‘eyes wide open’ as opposed to in ignorance, leaving you and your client with a big hole to get out of.

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How to Rapidly Build a High Performing Project Team from Diverse Organisations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could consistently and reliably create high performing project teams, especially when team members come from diverse organisations, such as in the construction industry ?

This article gives a route map and action orientated tips to do just that.

This article is an update and significant re-write of an article which appeared in Project Management Today in November 2008. But as human nature does not change that much in 8 years,  Jon thinks it’s still relevant !


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Work Winning : ensuring compliance & the 'wow' factor in your bid.

In a previous blog , I was asked “to explore matching features to requirements”. Expanding on this, how do you write not only compliant bids, but compliant bids with a wow factor ?

Here’s a methodology which does just that.

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What is NEC3 ?

Pleased to say that will be doing my 'What is NEC3 ?' evening presentation at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh on 19th April 2016, once again via the APM. 

Last time I did it, an attendee wrote on their blog “A fact packed briefing provided by the enthusiastic and practical Dr Jon Broome ... by jove, what a useful refresher and frankly deep learning experience for me ..." so see if I live up to the review !

Here is the link to sign up :

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Work Winning : Win Themes – What are they ? And how do you develop & exploit them ?

‘Win Themes’ are often mentioned by those who write bids as seemingly the holy grail of writing winning bids. However, when asked, the same people are remarkably vague about what they are and how you develop them. This article aims to demystify what they are and how to develop & exploit a Win Theme.

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ROCE : what’s that got to do with project, programme or portfolio management ?

In this blog, Jon explores the use of Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) as a measure of success for your project, programme or portfolio. And argues that it should be used much much more if the world of project management wants to be taken seriously by the higher levels of business management.

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Work Winning : ‘Feature-Benefit’ statements to be more persuasive.

Including ‘Feature-Benefit’ statements in your bid responses – whether a general bid or in response to specific questions - is one of the easiest ways to score higher marks and win more work … or just to be more persuasive generally. This short blog tells you what a 'Feature-Benefit' statement is and how to write them.

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The new NEC3 Early Contractor Involvement clauses : a constructive review.

This blog reviews the newly published NEC3 Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) clauses, which are added onto the NEC3 Engineering and Construction (ECC) contract as additional conditions of contract. It briefly outlines what Early Contractor Involvement is; what I like about the ECI clauses; what I don’t like about the ECI clauses and a conclusion.

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Project Controls ... really ? (part 2)

This blog article picks up on some comments which relate to project controls and is a second part to a previous blog.

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Work Winning : ‘F-A-B, Captain’ or ‘F-USP-D’ ?

This post looks at two models to make you or your organisation's bid, tenders or proposals more attractive to a Buyer and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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Don't use the BIM Protocol with NEC3. Do this instead.

In Jon's view, use of the BIM Protocol is a contractual car crash waiting to happen, whether used with JCT or the NEC3 forms. In this comprehensive blog, Jon outlines the BIM Protocols deficiencies and,  when working at BIM Level 2, what and where to include relevant contracts terms under the NEC3 forms and detail a sensible contract strategy for BIM level 3.


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And that got me thinking : Project Controls ... really ?

In this blog, Jon questions whether Project Controls really does what it says on the tin.

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E-Learning : is there a future for face-to-face training?

Jon, together with Chris Corr, has just been awarded a contract to provide an E-Learning module on the NEC3 to the Government Procurement Service and we have plans to develop a whole suit of E-Learning modules which cover the whole breadth of knowledge based courses out there on the NEC3 : contract strategy, programming, compensation events, early warning and risk management etc. as well as fairly detailed introductions to each member of the NEC3 family.

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First print run of NEC3 User's Guide sells out

I've become aware that people are struggling to get hold of the book in time for training events. When I checked this out with the publishers (ICE Publishing), they told me that it was selling far more than other NEC books on the market, that the first print run of 800 odd books had sold out and that they were in the process of getting another 800 odd printed.

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